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Heterostemma ficoides A. Kidyoo

Climber, 3 – 10 m long with white latex in all vegetative parts. Stems and branches twining and hanging, terete. Leaves opposite; petiole terete, slender, slightly canaliculate, 1.8 – 3

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Ceropegia acicularis Kidyoo

Herbs, erect, with clear latex in all parts. Leaves opposite, sessile; blade straight, filiform, succulent, coriaceous, base attenuate, margins entire, apex acuminate. Flower solitary, axillary or extra-axillary. Calyx deeply 5-parted,

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Hoya rostellata Kidyoo

Climbing epiphyte with white latex in all parts. Leaves opposite; blade thick, rigid, coriaceous, obovate or oblanceolate, margins entire, glabrous; apex aristate-acuminate, recurved; base obtuse to rounded. Inflorescences extra-axillary, umbel,

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Hoya balaensis Kidyoo & Thaithong

A twining epiphyte. Leaves broadly ovate, coriaceous, base subcordate to cordate, margins narrowly revolute, apex shortly acuminate, abaxial surface with scattered papillose. Inflorescence 10–49 flowered. Calyx yellowish green, sepals ovate,

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